the unknowable transforming point 191/ 195

433 little poems
fictive autobiographical gazing
through the piano looking glass

A mediterranean still sea

Into a mediterranean still sea
when the old man swam a mile out
and back every morning
with lover and son looking on
with anxiety stresses
light a cigarette
while the time away
don’t look at the swifting splish splosh arms
arcing whitey shivers over the blue
it was time for lunch
lunch in the place
black coffee and cigarettes
and maybe some care
it was then
it was arriving and parting
the train was just leaving
when she dived out the door
I must run clatter
later basement rehearsals for concerts
got parts
got inventions
smart and swift
with the energies out for the day

The hands go out of date

Gone out pushing prams
up the hill singing schumann
all rosy cheeks and happy babies
one inside one on top
underneath the eats
fluffy dog and panting
drop when we got home
someone tore a corner
my nocturne f# page
when I was otherwise
play a note or three
the hands go out of date
get rachmaninov tape
and soft quiet apartment
the music already in their veins
pulse prokoviev blondie

The nebulous choices

Now my room was silent
piano black silence
sun stroke
then had to stop
think change
the tides changes
can’t beat the tide
beat the tide
structure and freedom
structure stuck in revival
not glasgow
encountering the nebulous choices
expand and contract
out on a limb
spread yourself thin
outer limits albedo
and fatuous venality from neighbouring

Small red bag

Ten to ten swallow shrieking spin
big ones first of the year
hello and welcome
and now I feel better
these rooms our rooms let the air in
can’t couldn’t breath till then
up the hill carrying a small red bag
lush and ridiculously impractical
60’s wish I still had it today
whereverly sweet swing and soft sway
like a basket shape
strap all in one
got it in posh shop
stared at me sinisterly
as I walk round the counter
must have
must be like
still the rachmaninov would find it’s way
into the music stool
preludes need more

The persistence of want

Want to sound like an angel
and find a new dream
always the persistence of want
wanting to crossover to get to you
lighting a cigarette
with mrs caligari’s lighter
what was the sequential consequence
ten to nine on a friday
quick switch on the computer
and download the updates



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