the unknowable transforming point 186/ 190

433 little poems
fictive autobiographical gazing
through the piano looking glass

Room boom

What a difference a year and 4 months makes to 4’33”
insider evidence
keep stiff upper lip apart
an ancient piano availed itself
not tuned
old wood
quiet pedal
to contort my discarding instinct
into tuning fast songs
which rocked there in that room boom
sheep skin by the fire
when I saw her looking in the window

Psychedelic wall

It would be another 5 years
till a lovely black piano
nearly wept when I saw her
and contract paid out the fine sums
in the upstairs room next to
denim carpet and psychedelic wall
with red paper flower power
spiral staircase case
black cat on the roof
some summer’s heat
that attic
storms of ladybirds
beat that
beat it

Back to the jungle

Locked in trunks far off land
what ficfuc is happening
drinking little small glasses
with my friend of music
mary of the well
I never felt it was felt
under over the hammer
tuning her
she kept tune
she lit up the sky
and still she sang internal
that was that room
time to get back to the jungle

Sleep at airports

Meanwhile there in the heart
of trains up and down the country
flights and sleep at airports
back the next day
with sleep in the thunder
this mare in the ointment
rushes me
pushing around
with cellos and books
buses and bows resin
bach wards and the dawnings
of the long retour les adieux
always encountering nebulous choices
me in the black car
shine shining softly through timetables
this waiting up to the place
insane that empty room
no fridays devastation
and unrecognise my day
that fest of pianos keys
and plush imitative be there in the sounds

Jimmy was jiving

No driving in the snow
and shoes
open toe pink leather gave the game away
off to the seventies
jimmy was jiving
and words pouring
down face rhythm
and anyone could do that
well why don’t you
I looking on the piano with pick ups
and preparations
interludes beat box sonatas and the dance
smells nice in there
checking the harmonics and placing screws
just resonate
ping and it’s there
the 4 minutes pale



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