the unknowable transforming point 181/185

433 little poems
fictive autobiographical gazing
through the piano looking glass

Modern pianists

about pieces
my computer
packed it’s case
and vanished
my modern pianists
in it’s entire no 1
can’t rewind this

Monster parking

Light on the windows
cars and street
right eye light fail
night bright lights on
crisp sure sound from the back street
and birds loftly whistling
and can I park in front of your drive for 10 minutes
be back soon and on
and on monster parking
another light grey evening
no sound and feel of weathered storm
can climb canter crab running sideways
under thought
look and justify immediate vision
travel out into the other room
hot heat blinds drawn and curtains open
pillow a certain breeze
the piano blue was small and didn’t stay in tune
6 hours a day
ricordi deal hire
fell off someone’s edge teaching appassionata
then little known exercise by moscheles


All out
when word came to off to the hungarian actress
she played for 4 years at the berlin metropolitan
with fierce angry doberman
just bit me
where was that
clamped my hand with a gentleness and stare
motionless till the orders came
# sascha
the piano in the wood panelled room was a grand large and polished
we could play a bit
babysit read english oxford stories
of olden accents
scottish crustaceans in this room
the terror of the dog
attacking me when I rang the doorbell
leaping a crazed obsessive lunge

Just want to go home

Longing to keep
a peace of me mind in turmoil
just want to go home
gathering observing
unbelievable metronome
slow then faster then yes
the no more beethoven
bach bach and the chopin
more exercises fingers
clack clack
night of the moon landing
not so called
window open
listen to the beeps
not on my piano dash day daze ficfuc
out of here with the sun in my eyes
roof top suffocating heat
via spagnoletto milan
and nothing to eat
just the mediaeval short roof
and orange ricordi books
giving lessons elegant little mind eye
want to go back all the time


back in the room
the nice room again
but the dream cracked
into tall assertion
it was shattered
that inside cocooness and certainty
scores of an overture to transcribe
if you can but the bolero got the edge
and bombed out after the first or second to shout like a banshee
when will this be friday again
in the piano room with approval looking on

Suddenly moving on

Beat beat off
the expanding head band and terry reilly
that’s why
see see suddenly moving on
ex ticket of new musics and sounds everywhere
it’s open the flap in lid
and even then you could never say what you meant
polite smiles to the statement
I couldn’t possible do that
now I walk away
and never consider what else could have happened
just black coffee and giggles with a friend
empty and preposterously refusing to face facts
unavailable for comment
no no piano
like a beached whale
now tail fins flapping
and looking for the direction home



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