the unknowable transforming point 176/ 180

433 little poems
fictive autobiographical gazing
through the piano looking glass

Lopsided wierdo

The face of the clock
mobile swipe phone
new one bigger than hers
but that time she broke the head off the plastic reptile
and tried to hide it here
hide it there
and then
eventually owned up
but it turned out to be someone’s love toy
lopsided weirdo
how could you do this to me resonant in the eyes
but she just said
oh no not again
it’s not the first time

The velvet sofa

Moved the steinway on his back was the story
into the centre of the room for better acoustic
playing the brahms please my lovely petal
and close the curtains while you’e at it
he on the velvet sofa
and she fluster adagio soon rocked historically
back to the ages of clara and her schumann
and he at the other piano in her mind
and she with her frisk of in breath
and ankle on off the pedal
stretched over to embrace the next few bars
and finally felt faint
fainting over the side of the keyboard
helping hand
revolutionary study
quick careful

Gone tango

Curtains open
the orchestra’s rehearsing at 2.30
get hep
not in a million icons
could the social media cope with ten guitars
up sticks and run for your life
down the boulevard carrying the black piano stool
left in your will
grey and gone tango
soler fandango
practised too slowly
well and good

Die welt

Back in berlin in that flat full of nothing
hauptstrasse berlin
clubs and die welt
just listen to jimmy
just how d’ya like it
what’s that in a landscape
month of fridays back on the train
different journeys
cross no flight america
cross your heart
and cross over right hand to the left of you
still picking up notes
and putting them down

The lap of leap

Go to the shops for the last time
what do you think your doing
just look in the mirror
passed 1st time
wish the grey skies were blue little bird
not sash windows with please turn off that camera
no photos of the rubbish
recycle myself
old pianos just left to rot
soon it will be a minor miracle
civility descending
the more cameras the less we can shoot the breeze
so now it all ends
and all goes to the little theatre shows
and laptop and software
with keyboards and percussionist
I am a percussionists alright
beat beat the clock
traverse the horizon
in the lap of leap
count metronomically spaced time clips
and eat what you’re given
a given ago
a week ago
it’s all go
it was all go



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