the unknowable transforming point 171/ 175

433 little poems
fictive autobiographical gazing
through the piano looking glass

Barrel of keys

drive slow
look in the mirror
left side a barrel of keys
such fun arriving at the door
and waiting for the elevator
culture us in the city of angels
and someone was shot
we looked at each other silence 4’33
how come
we were all sinking the same sink

Hour of distant hour

Up to the top of the hill on a frosty friday
waiting for the eleven o’clock
hour of distance hour
and making my way to the bench
sit and wait content chatting with someone from maybe it’s because
big sloppy joe and shapely fingers
touching the oboe that packed neatly with schumann scores we might play
to play the piano part
next time I see you

Dive up

I think about it now
all blowing in the wind
answers and swift turns
with eyes on the clock
a quarter to ten
and the door blew open
smokey smile and colourful velveteen
top of the morning
instead of good day
at at at the same moment
she arrived with her stern look
are you ready dear
after last more coffee cup
not the latte we get now by the way
just a quick milky ersats
and dive up the stairs again someone waiting

What edge

Afraid to speak most of the time
exceptions were likely to be far and few
between preludes or sarabandes
with time signature like seventeen four
I’m not surprised
or not
it would be all printed out on a computer
but not edited enough
detail quite anonymous
making 53 mental notes patiently trying to calm the wild horses inside
mental post its
little yellow squares
with stick on edges
looking the other way from the edge
what edge do you mean precisely


What seems to be the problem
symptoms of an incinerator
in sin irate
and what geological research was that
when I wrote you to write me some postcards
where’s the catch
will it cost me the earth
will it ruin my reputation
will it jeopardise my research
the names
or why are the names
or why is it
names of places derive from connections
what happens where
will create itself in time
out of timetable absurdity
of such colourful speculations and specialities
improvise if you like
for the finger flow flick



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