the unknowable transforming point 146/150

433 little poems
fictive autobiographical gazing
through the piano looking glass

Get her out of here

Playing air violin with a hang dog expression
get her out of here
what if I did
what if I didn’t
if if if
not enough evident conviction
and evident conviction
evidently so

Bad nodes

If I stay under a compact fluorescent I spiral
get me out of here panic
if I move to the right or north
my vision is restored and the disturbance wanes
calm sea and prosperous voyage
did I spiral out of interest
did I say that I had to get out of there
I had to get out of there
hysterical hysteria telling
listen to the hysteria
the story means
some things not for nothing
if I stand under an energy saving bulb
if I sit beside a wi-fi modem my speak becomes
I have to think really hard to string my words together
am I sinking
I am returning to the surface
I am coming up for air
I see the sunshine on the quivery water
up up up I go
I’m nearly there
are we
am I nearly there
am I
rectified and analysed
and no fluorescent bad nodes singling my electro cell activity
unsingeing my dreaming head

Leaving stone unturned

Dusky quiet street
light on across lower left window
me facing the street
electric piano open on the far wall
me in the room alone
contemporarily leaving stone unturned for luck
that stone unturned returned and guess what
it’s all there
it’s all pulsing
faster ahead than
can you
can you walk out without a worry
to the wee shop around the corner
now can you hear the far high planes to america above you
can you slam these doors a little quieter please
one two three and off
not yet

Spin giddy spin

More dim horses from the sky
can’t see the trail
one street light reflection in the upper left window across
walk on by
soft sound murmuring and light fading fast past
white shielding curtain to keep the wi-fi softer slower
less ferocity accumulation of pulses
crashing nodes make your head spin
what if fast driving
what if your indispensable
next in the dark light soft light in the window
pulse collide brain spin and surmount an invisible obstacle
it is something we should be thinking about
this microwave consenting
as one to ten scale
tipping point individual profile
point of reference
spin giddy spin
on the axis of a wormy bulb

A cadence too many

Word doodles at a time
and shifting appropriate energies
in the direction of some positive
shift the load half full or half empty
sounds very soft
and or
excuse me how come to this witless conclusion
to a cadence too many at five o’clock
how rush hush rush
up the twisty turning stairway
a million sound proofing doors to nowhere
still hear strains of listz
and furious out of sync floppy bass bow bass
with the big vibration
and into ancient pianos as old as mine
puzzle how they got there slowly decaying
froth and fluff
and feeling lonely in the corner with the lid closed with a key
what could be in it for them
in it for the likes of these ivory slices
and tree formed formulations and design
just there awaiting a little schubert
or later hausen



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