the unknowable transforming point 141/ 145

433 little poems
fictive autobiographical gazing
through the piano looking glass

Was there a reason

In the academy of someone
sure to be reminded of botany
in there somewhere
it was all classical gas and the art of thunder
was there a reason
was there something you wanted to say
excuse me was there something you might consider
it’s all academic
was there fat tits and fallen wall
was there that smell
was there you in the chink
was there
I don’t know
in an attempt to put your make up on in quick time
she couldn’t come to the phone
she’s putting on her make up
you’ll have to make an appointment #
was the river flowing
which way
back up
back up the don’t mince your words
did I mince my words
did anyone hear me
did it matter
take that

Silence now

Scribble just at the peak of the froth chink wave
no one there
let’s be having
are you listening
are you behaving
are you been quiet sitting quietly and don’t disturbing anyone
stay quiet while the bombs are crashing to the cracked earth
disappear into the crack
did it disappear into the crack
all that collection of letters chained together in a violent but frank had enough statement
just short of saying the worst things ever
did someone decide decidedly just to ignore
pay no attention
did that mean there was to be no solution
or possibility of a conversation to be had over a boiling point of distress
did that mean someone was sending the message I don’t fucking care
did that mean what exactly
silence now months after months

Holding my breath

How long can we hold our breath
I’m not holding my breath
I’m not singeing my brain
I’m not waiting for crumbs
I’m not behind myself
I’m not not allowed
I am thinking
I am hear
I am listening
I am aware that this silence has the quality of undermining
but the potential of nuclear deterrent
but stress and stress
stress test
I am clear
I am retreated
I am in my mind
fully visioning
the need is no need
the need if the bird calls
the need if the songs grows
the need in round about the need

I am here

Calling blackbird street quiet echo
I am here
I am meant to be here
I am arriving and I am in context
I find you
find me
find the things I find and call them towards me
the time the boundaries the meanings
the can’t you think of a better word
can’t you
I can think
I can breath
and I can take a stride in it all
for the complex thought streams
quick from flying backwards two times

Tape two

I read this
the pulses are wavering
are colliding in notes
my head is spiralling
and then I have to move away from the compact fluorescent bulb
if I stay there the spiral builds
to spiral out of control
but I moved away
it’s gone
my head clear
I moved away on towards a safe place
the compact fluorescent bulb
green planet
suddenly ahead ahead
dying horses
what do the dying horses mean
what world
what significance to what modification co.
what what never never
I don’t believe you
I don’t believe it
spare me the tape two



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