the unknowable transforming point 131/135

433 little poems
fictive autobiographical gazing
through the piano looking glass

Forever and inksmell

Tomorrow to a mary birthday
and some new books diski etc
nice hello to the weekend
nice goodbye to the week
thought I could write a poem
but no beat in my ear
no words in my head
no sound in my eyes
lifting up towards the chink
I say
saying it
that it is what it is
as you is what you is
little archive word collecting words
running a quiet engine
smooth along lines
grey little margin
forever and inksmell
no bad dreams
not what I meant
I meant what I said
a bit hoarder of words
can’t bear to decode the unsense
of what rolls out of the little plastic pen pot
ink near the end

Tilt tipping

There’s always another hold in the hold
day camelia flowers scattered for all to see
quick sweep them out of existence
so the pavement looks clean
but not on the mount top
where the little processes need them
origins of the transformation of the chink
where in the chink
the new word for unknowable transforming point
tilt tipping sweep
sweep under a carpet or two
now and forever
it probably inksmells
silence pumps the central heating
hum hum zoom like a magnified breeze

So a poem

I think the ink’s making me sneeze
when if when if
whenever whenever
when if when if
whereabout wherever
where never
when if though
think new
but need to check it up
so a poem is a sort of treasure box of words
delightfully be they
be they wherever
when if they be
if the never
a chink
a slow steady natural chink placement

The exhausted self

Displace the chink
compoundly looking for words
wherein the the the the
5/5 in natural light only
all you can write in 4’33”
intensity weekend with freedom to be still
listen to the quiet street and watch
hearing the exhausted self
beating in a safe and certain way
inksmell disappearing
colour new
open change
colouring up down stairs and climb
it has no
it has just
writing it up for the time
for the being in the time
for the being
whoever whatever does not last forever
but there has to be a shred of movement
in this can not
what can not
go on where
go on forever

In a way

This writing
bout some kindness to the page
need to fill it
in a way
it’s motionless
to be corrected
it’s turn to be reverse reverse
reverse out of this direction mode
directions change for the better
a face quiet and concerned looks in
depth comes
the arrival
late arrival
a conclusion
all in conclusion emerges
as only
emergency push
slow push
out into some miserable daylight
not bulbs
energy saving
saving the populated planet



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