the unknowable transforming point 121/125

433 little poems
fictive autobiographical gazing
through the piano looking glass


Long road to expressive inter activity with the inner flow
and world of the simply incomplete
whatever it is
it does have to unstate
stately instructing
fracturing through the centre the core
by the minisculinity of the unravelled
resonating revolutions
at incredibly slow speed
tempi as nano wisps of the thoughts
can fall away
roll over
and float
leaving little spaces
for the light to shine through a form

In that need

Penetration outside
inside out
this permissive processing
progressing path in a prelude to new energy
tenanting a previously occupied space
thread unthread
the centre core begins to dawn
dawning thinking
grace there and now
know what is alerting quietly
description unfathomable
now new word
touching the yet unrecognisable motion
of nano now happenings
inside inside
unsilence unsilence
electromagnetic morbidities
inner electrical dictionaries unfinished
awaiting new words
to new things happening
no misterms for some uninvention
possibilities in that need to be fitted
with descriptive word


replace there
a new reaction
fixturing what next
over the description of some non existent process
a process about to start
about which one has no insight
insight knowledge
legible under over
under standing
crawling threading
amongst the cell structural centre
matching a space
making room for a little light
the light to shine through
moving energy
shift the point

Tin tin

The cat tin tin
we miss his beautiful purr
fur fat as he was

The little chink

It shifts itself
the thought arose that it was all go
time to go then
this ravel unravel
unravelling unravel
now dense as the ravel
the denser the ravel
the slow motion unravel
first a sound
a resonance
a question
a tone
a shift or change of
is there room for the little light
enlight me
little space for a lighter
unlight the space
lighter than light
in the core of the cross
is the little light
lighter than light
open an opening
a little chink
the chink



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