the unknowable transforming point 111/ 115

433 little poems
fictive autobiographical gazing
through the piano looking glass

Tilt in

in all these imaginary programmes since
the soft grey evening
high plane murmurs background
while the birds softly sing about
settling into slumbers
and whatever comes your way
tilt in tomorrow

Psychic fishing

A visit to sacro
and must rewrite some code
and start design no smaller
ink and 4 pages missing
too exhausted to think
days after extreme restlessness
please don’t read this in the expectation
that it will make any sense whatsoever
these random rants
and flows with a view
to gathering words
catching words
like a sort of psychic fishing
or collecting shells on the beach
whatever takes off

Twice upon a time

Yesterday we had lindy and wafer
so what
lindy’s mum lilliana seems to have been a bit unforgettable
shame about the wrest plank
anyway pinned myself together
# could you write me a real story
# I don’t writely rightly know
# how did it go
twice upon a time
we’ll start at the very beginning now
there we were in the half light
when whatever
no parking here I’m afraid

Soft singing parts

Sweelinck schumann repertoire as we go
programmes I wrote
and which I prepared are to do with s composers
in relation to lilliana henderson
lindy karpestra
and when I looked it up
I found some wonderful musics
so far
sweelinck praeludium and toccata ut re mi
schumann papillons sonata in g minor fantasie
c schuamnn encores seixas later sonatas
scarlatti sonatas schubert die wanderer sonata in a
scriabin preludes encores
in the mind
I hear these concerts
soft singing parts
and particularly close

The head flop

Been to energy balancing
new back work
and remember to do the head flop
in the stretches series
discovering the power
of of of
the grand cross
what’s at the centre of the cross



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