the unknowable transforming point 101/ 105

433 little poems
fictive autobiographical gazing
through the piano looking glass

Anger rose and fell

Since no one ever knows what it’s like to be someone else and what they are thinking
it is easy to write about what someone might be thinking
invent invent
and I think wafer
(short for waverley but spun to wafer for a laugh
named after the station at edinburgh
whence he had been conceived
one momentary lapse during ww 1 or 2
the father had been a designer
and caught in the nick of time
mother had been a concert pianist
returning home from a famous english town
having performed with a famous conductor
orchestra and repertoire
three sleepless nights
and a busy compartment
a smoke and a long delay
for passing time with a virtual stranger
cass knew all about it though
more as we go)
was beginning to get huffy as he sat soft giggling
at his 7th series of humorous funny spool
tv anchor day in the life on the wall soap opera
with bonus tracks
having looked up from the very allan exit boring episode
wafer started of on an important announcement
and started off on a new point
in one of his favourite narrative rants
about the same time as once upon a time
the world was populated with …#
not listening at all
I can’t imagine anything worse can you #
lindy was about to say something
and another thing
it looks as if …#
not listening and etc
and on and on
the evening rotated rant rotate
and anger arose and fell
and no surprises there when
wafer looked up to find himself alone
lindy was in her mind space
in a landscape
in a sleep
self hypnosis
in a trance composing karpestras
was lindy

My voice says things

The times are different now
now you can say
what is this
what you like
I like
I don’t like
I say what I think
my voice says things
I don’t even think what about wafer
dad designer mum pianist wafer edinburgh
about tomorrow
what’s the time#

Le tango du reve

Lindy plays piano for the silent digitized film
she had played concertos like her mother in law
but had started to play le tango du reve
for the sake of earning some money for candles
up in her skylight room with wafer
such is life
you can write a plan if you like
or just cut and paste another reality

Where were we

Lindy was here
something shining on the window
dull grey sky and shiny reflection or setting sun
it’s the street light
morning little bird whispering quiet street
grey sky and dove
evening door slam bird singing start engine
and what about the episode
where were we with x


Otto karpestra
origin transylvania
left for scotland to marry
lilliana henderson
begat lindy karpestra
miles mcnair
cassandra quick
begat waverley mcnair
photo journalist
family trees



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