the unknowable transforming point 96/ 100

433 little poems
fictive autobiographical gazing
through the piano looking glass


I used to dream
about being
in the house
across the road
the old lady died
and never it dreamt again

Just be

Listz playing
something you know I know
trying to find a thread
looking for needles in hay stacks
and what not
just be
just being
just being
are there characters to be drawn
and conclusions
or money from the unseen horizon
or do I just carry on teetering

This moment

Lindy and wafer
and just to carry on
wording thoughtlessly
unplotting the scheme of things
and this time quiet street
listening to silvery listz
prematurely thinking ahead
to the now of a minute
still to be written into the fabric
of unsense and ability
grounded in my hot milk and today like
and could you not say that again
this moment
research this moment
and ask all the questions relevant
and then the door bell rang
could see a funny person with a clipboard
so unrespond
what if there’s cctv at the door
alarming under VvVvV
go over the words that I am talking about
I think the listz talking over me now
bounce 4 years on
what’s that word for her sake


Lindy and wafer lived together
in the transylvanian lindy haus
and put the cat out every night
people get used to the restrictions
then think oh
I’ll just do whatever
and get a cool reminder
others get used to stuff
and think your in their normality
so ask you something
and are puzzled about why you say
sorry I can’t
let’s say sensitivity insensitivity
still quiet street
this eve distant sound of a tv
a bird and some disant traffic

That piano noise

I want peace # wafer
why # lindy
all that piano noise playing soft playing
loud practise practise # wafer
don’t be daft # lindy
I’m not daft # wafer
I never said you were daft
it’s only a figure of speech
don’t be daft
don’t be silly
as if to say whatever or whatever # lindy
oh it’s like that is it # wafer
what do you mean # lindy
that’s all about it # wafer waffling wafer
and a distant husk blew across the moon
tide racing at the rate of 53 knots
and the time was only twenty seven minutes to five
of the clock tick clock
and after when the time had moved on a bit
the tartan weathered curtain
was drawn across the little cottage door
draft free zone not
and another large awkward log squeezed into the burner
you wanna watch that # wafer
in a nasal kind of way and crossed his legs
to settle into a bland and amusing book for the evening
lindy ignored the tiresome predication
and slumped noisily onto the orkeney chair
which creaked it’s own creak up the creak
and slipped a square of dark chocolate northwards
and sucked slowly
mentioning in the passing
whatever #



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