the unknowable transforming point 91/ 95

433 little poems
fictive autobiographical gazing
through the piano looking glass

Little pointed shoes

Code more code less than
htm elle and the
htm elle and the band
little pointed shoes and dunlopillo socks
a tart quiff of hair
and a named guitar is all she needed
to look like an anaphylactic shock on barbiturates
some predictable lighting
and monotone voice trip
the microphone damp and mouldy
from previously breathing inly outly
of the ones that came before
and looking drunkenly on
who could care if the instrument was in tune or out
the more of an arse that was made of the self
the more applausery issued
see you
feed them to the alphabet
residual definition stuck in his throat
oh god
better make some biscuits to calm away the storm

In the wake

Light up the me of this defence
the art comes from inside
not looking at someone else’s red room
plastic bags and still quiet street
when did they close the doors of the building
must have been half nine to ten
so what did I really want to say
likeable reality
reactive nuclear rumble unevenly exploded
and only because words were never there early enough
all hard work to acquire such communicable skills
in the wake of such silent paucity of examples
of this example a developmental mental development

Steal yourself

Wild cats
wild cats with crooked legs
can’t feed then enough
actually feed feed feed
when there’s been a neglect
a desire emerges
an emerging desire to hunt
a hunting eye on the chance
keep your eye on the round thing
and crave and steal
crave stealing
silently off with her head
stealing a glance at some glass window
never be the same again
steal yourself
when did the idea emerge
it’s all to do with listening
see what emerges
but if what
if not
listening for the wrong memories
colliding in dark corridors
hear a pin drop
tomorrow never thinks


I had to find some containers of contentment
left my right
my uproot uprooted
always before behind
but what if now
a gathering of the pearls
and holding the radiation
over miles and miles of threads of thought
disparate and embroidered
stitched with colourful needles
in clips regimented
designers brieflet
muddle it up a bit to see what gives in
intention all out of the box thinking
makes it more or less impossible

If i were you

Let myself in for a cash note book and red lines
vertical pounds shillings and pennies
that’s what they were
let’s set the record straight huh
what record waste of time
be in
conform to the stereotypical
or be analysed and at every time there’s grey cloud
advice is advice
if I were you
why don’t you try
have you ever thought of
it’s important to try to be helpful
full of help help help
be be be being transcendental



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