the unknowable transforming point 76/ 80

433 little poems
fictive autobiographical gazing
through the piano looking glass

In cold keys

Insertion of screws a little pencil rubber etc
make sure sweetly gamelan sounds
according to the sonatas and interludes
little dat machine recorded it well
no need to ask permission
the inventions in cold keys bite
like a caught cat
she cat
but rust on the strings sizzling
and go forward into the time doesn’t pass
it follows the glide

But Hey

Silvine pages
for at the time there were pencils
that way all fierce cold winds on your legs
that was all no tights or trousers long to keep you warm
dark thunderous sky
like a mixed cluster with lasciare vibrare
and quickly transformed by the ring modulator
university radio concert and ring modulator a bit mad
but hey who’s quick today

Time shift

Website for the next few years
look into all of that
mobile time
time shift
and code down
your own code
or it doesn’t make a matter of shit


The man came out of the blue
swinging his trainers
and trying to pretend he was not intentional
looked at my father and asked for a light
they didn’t know each other
but the american accent gave him away
knock knock persistent knock
on my terror door terrified too pretending i was
stop this deluge of rain on my piano
want the autumn sun
and I frost up the hill again
beat beat songs and kindly

Distant cadence

Sweet orangina and cherry crushed ice
italian collina and cousin
where was the real story
in smell of strong coffee
and train less train track
or vanishing into distance cadence
small door shut as a dodo while it’s daylight
and just then the phone rings
your’s too far away to get there in time
and the message machine
bite bite bite
get the dog on it
quiet now
big white thing kept in a cage
down the back of the building
barks when the trembling children go past
what’s in it for them



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