the unknowable transforming point 61 /65

433 little poems
fictive autobiographical gazing
through the piano looking glass

Arrive arrive

Harder to imagine the joined conclusion perspectives every time
till time after time
some new little mandelbrot of phrase
changes the entire equilibrium
enough to last a century
but somehow conclusively it must rest
in the where
destination unknown
after the brief breathe connection of a day’s practise
so much so
it’s all go the next time
like we all knew
I and all about it all
we know is that interpretative discoveries
are simultaneously arriving at destination platform unknown
arrive arrive
and pin yourself together
why was it all about it all about it
and inksmell in between the lines

Travelling through doors

One book a week
now we were travelling thru doors
train trains
trained to do this
go there
so that it’s undermining the real rhythm
of these metal meets metal
do this do that
what the what was that all about
only to face the enormity of the task
to unravel the knot
to see myself again
again amongst what was
train trained and what is real
clut clut clut clut clut clut
clut clut
wobbling from carriage to carriage
much like the lady vanishes for example
that happens
time and time again
when it’s made obvious that you can’t carry on like this
this was supposed to be my ticket to paradise
and instead deep deep deep inferno of who am I
and what is this supposed to be
and scratch at my head
puzzle puzzle puzzle

Men in White coats

I was only two when was puzzling about how did I get there
in that hospital
with the men in white coats
squirting fluids up inside me for tests
and punctures and all abysmally preluded by
look at this it looks like orange juice in the bright sunlight
the up insertion back passage still feel it now if I think
and then left in the cot for days
would not eat
bowl of yellow cornflakes tipped over myself
in full sanity
boredom excruciating
and by the way the only way to pass the time
was to destroy my doll
the one with the composite face
bit by bit
by the way
she did come eventually
I want to go home
I’ll go see the nurse and did not come back
another long puzzle
till I suppose I must have finally complied
with one of the conditions

Now it’s like this

So it was home it was to a changed world
I guess that room had been rearranged
and now it’s like this
whether you like it or not subtext
the world of subtext leans precariously on the axis
falling falling fallen more and puzzle
into the life
a while and later I talk when I’m ready
not now

Just say that

The train journey things go missing
the police are called in the alps
some where the train halts
and you wonder
say you didn’t see anything
just say that
I always wondered



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