the unknowable transforming point 51/ 55

433 little poems
fictive autobiographical gazing
through the piano looking glass

Mend me

I ‘m still her
and mend me little child
overwhelming sounds of prokofiev
hold my child in my arms and weep radio 3
lindy k looks blank when I tell her this
as in all retrograde and regression
into a life unrecognisable too long ago
let’s blur the canvas a bit
let’s play some schumann 2 pianos
mind the tempos dear
lavender sweetness
and tempting toe pedal of her foot underneath
too high off the floor to reach
paintings of scotland firths and aquarelles
stitched abandon
grand laughter and stories offend her code of behaviour
and she stands piercing eyes in your direction
and what about the embrace
traffic traffic
every mile a slow one
to beatable destination forwarding messages
head filled

Timing collisions

Roll brahms and the timing collisions of 90
and let let what corrections
to be repeated next time
forgetting to communicate
never forgot to communicate in reality ficfuc what you think people would like to hear
be kinder and gentler in traumerei
what did the piano say today
listz and schubert
so beat beat heavenly unreal
so in the cream crosslight staring at the vent
it became apparent that no one could assist
in the visions time and place
sparingly grotesque
grow growing
increase diminishing
decrease as per norms
norms as we hear
sentimentally positioned music to old films intensity
and bite bit trembles in our own filmery box

Hey you

Behind the looking glass and fine wines
courtesy of the gloomy bastard in the corner
to pull out of a tight corner
to conversation please
hey you
aye you
no the newspaper
no the day jimmy
dumbarton rd thick dust and staircase in big flats
mid victorian black doors
and inside the mess of family dashed to work
and egg pots in the sink
but very learned apology
of look here not
there’s a lovely piano of course
among the miles of books
that or then
try fasting when soft pages run
rant run however snails pace
you can always try reading it backwards for a change
friends and films
and rushing home
on on on and on
carefully painting quavers and minimising realities

Ovaries of thought

Quando fits never never to return
the graceful edges overlapping
and flowing with definition
ovaries of thought and quiet processes
implanting forays
ignition delayed
as therefore the underlay of deep abandonment lay dormant apparently
but 4’33” minutiae
forty resonances
waves of micro radiation
hit my head now
and spin one
and one
and it’s a big one
nevertheless in the store had to exit quickly
and in a landscape imagine i’m by the sea
drink me
where are we safe now
formulations and irritability and sizzle
resonances we never never had predicted
the mandelbrot of resonances
microwaves and soft listening
little tunes are flowing catching air tunes
a sky above surface
and it’s all around
can you hear me inaudibility
invisibility of tide rush
wave upon wave
some times caught in the crossfire of the pulses
I sway
sometimes quietly
sometimes quite in the depth of my base brain spine and feet


1996 3 pianos
the de-electrification of 21st century
long time predictive words and notes and notes
impossibility to realise this in performance
more work of art
and yet how come I thought about this then
pin yourself together out loud
in the sense that a song or three arrived
and inevitably I listened
inner voice
ficfuc out of the forest of masts and towers
dodge in out of the zap zones
as is
not as was
no such thing in the day of it was all go
now this wireless max head compression
thoughts and answers
bit bit scrambled turbation
wrack your brain
you know something’s making presence
in the little deep bit of your ear
inaudible formatting
sending receiving
collisions in the microwave desert
at the base of the brain
look out
it happened to me
it happened to me
just around the time
I was mentally soft spiring spiralling
it’s spiralling
quick zap spiral under energy saving bulb
and that ficfuc apology for illumination baden
take down fake fakery
life outside the piano room barely audible
vernal equinoctial descent
minor saline drip
and cohesion
as the little red car bleeped every time someone passed
or some traffic
except sundays
save time in car park and ruffle the environmental placidity
watch over to reach that stage
ie once pinned together the trick is to keep afloat



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