the unknowable transforming point 41/45

433 little poems
fictive autobiographical gazing
through the piano looking glass

I need less

Hot piano of my imaged
what was it like
suppose it had been me now then
karpestra incline vVvVv
click send it up online
and learn it up for next week
2 studies and in the style of tac tac tarantula
ficfuc farage who is he anyway
short frog bully face
paraphernalia of abuse on our screens
but I need less
less of the torment
and more hups we go
to layer sweet loops on loops
and back and forward
happy ever after transcriptions from nowhere


In partick she lived
and violins we used to play beethoven together nicely
particular not to disturb the neighbours on facebook
what an intrusion
the concert was probably nice too
but not memorised or memorable

Madison avenue

If we could only remember the way back from madison avenue
only saw central park in the dark with famous people
and missed my piano
and always want want want
back there in the room feel steady
feel my fortress inside and mad to think otherwise
stretch the existence to out and to in
and beside
and long
and the keyboard complies
cosmopolitan drapes in the nowhere to be seen
hang long and loose to keep darkness at bay
where I lost you on the beach that day
calling calling and no sign
or ice cream
pop it in your mouth

Start again

Quickly steady your boat buffs
steady on
one old cold
cold fold
one old fold
rut tat tut
tat tut
you should
should could go
would go if it wasn’t for the room
near to me verandah quilt space
how many times start again start once again from the top

Between the pulses

And at first it was all go
hexadecimal veridian thinking
the if you were thinking of running out on the room thought
drifted through cascades of the listz
spinning silver disc I was listening to
it would have seemed unstable
to remind the minor key of it’s effect
after all said and done
if you were thinking of running out
if it was to be the interval between the pulses
the tide inaudible tiny
never mind four m 33 s
it’s quieter than that # vVvVv
at least under the piano you can hear some whispering
the pulses inaudible radio frequencies
are interruptions to the electric thought processing which
you out of your mind #vVvVv
rain patter better stay in that room or else
I’ll see however and sunsmell it is not
sit sit down
and whatever with the thought
fr fr ficfuc
in it’s wake of poseidon
that day I was freezing
and no amount of scales made the warmth glow
eventually in time the dusty air was showering soft rainbows of light
on the inside of my glasses
fixing the day with an optimistic whir
shall I stay or shall I go
face in the door checking who’s next
I lost my timepiece and that’s fic fuc that
and what about favourite place
pulsing in the white zone in c
and all that which was rilling trilling at the other end of the world



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