the unknowable transforming point 36/ 40

433 little poems
fictive autobiographical gazing
through the piano looking glass

Where’s my piano

It’s in the genes depress
depress the pedal just as
just as leg legato
foot fall slow tempering the harmonics
and splendid for you a special
what about the microphones
what at what at
where in in
that crust of a remember the deep changing perspex perspectives
arising volcano
vVvVv was me
is not me
is me
quick where’s my piano
for months had to practise in my head
for months l’isle l’isle
what 2 cellos art of europe did I construct when someone was dying

Pencil me in

When the impending disconnection
feet and ivory just clinging to the edge
where did they really go
the she to ago long time ago
once upon a time there were 3 pianos
carefully of the fists
they’re sharps
key signature in the autograph books
to be sold without a by second or leave
or I want to check them
pencil in over line
underlined it
please pencil me in for friday
when the pencil stubs 2b’s itself into oblivion
hope you get back from the concert ok
didn’t like the phrasing
embarrassing moments though when out in the cold
from the cold cloud dark
and rainy burst on the square below four corners
for flat in the chopin
harps think harps
rotate rotate
squeeze the melody with the finger right
till the palms of my hands ached
palms ache
small hands ache
looking up at the sky dark flying clouds with storm of birds


Unsilence the 4 minutes and 53 secs it took
to mirror repeat mirror myself in the shiny shop windows
and the smell in the bookshop
still clinging to my ten shillings ten and object of my desire
clock it all usb
clocked it all usb’s and wi-fi
it called for future attention
make mental note

Warm Tone

Formal experiences of hands on hands
on the biggest piano i’d ever seen
the sounds like a cathedral
the lights warm tone and wood

Black coffee

Head migraine can’t talk
blur eyes
can’t see head aching
beat beat
couldn’t play back
could not see the score it
disassociated from this
pretend it’s not happening to
question mark
how convenient too much black coffee
dehydration black coffee
black coffee
that will do you good
enter room big piano no windows
look at score blur blur panic
maybe attack
first blur blur
panic migraine coffee
where am I
easy way out
way out
back on the underground
nice smell nice lady with blue eyes
shadow messages
not iphone
just her message
wee boy eating sweeties
sweet violet taste
nice sooth sooth eating sooth sugar sweet feel better now
wisps of music
silence hot tone silence
feel turbulence inside my womb
feel the beat beat



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