the unknowable transforming point 31/ 35

433 little poems
fictive autobiographical gazing
through the piano looking glass


Turn it on it’s head
turn it upside down
and outside in
and it still can not be made to retrograde
and although it is a piano players’
it’s nightmarish to the trainee concert goer
no panic panic sit
sit pretend
to like what
oops forget it
quiet piano mutilation
I used to like this
and dreamt of theoretical cages
into wired cages we go with some questions asked
and glow an able retort
now pin pin pin
and pin and 33 needles for the valley of yesterday
the keys felt damp
and air was chance

The Room

There’s no going back to the room
although the sound is always there
those there
there it can be light and shade
and everything moving towards dark
with the little lamplight through the windows
street in the rain
lying under the piano listening to silence
it can be anything
according to time performance
as always
as a difference in the eternal ingredient
time pulse time
but what if the moths momentarily left traces
in the rule after rule of sound subordination 4’33”
and the order came to desist not desert
the squandering of activity
for sound sake
be momentarily and not so bemused
there was the retour
keep at it never let it go
when it was not all go
different pianos and alternatives
frames of reference

Friday incline

Points in the mechanism
keys for the cello cupboard
and practise in the corridors practise
practise time upon time
once upon the highway of remembrance
sharp corners enrapt run from the why
did I not run curiouser
and what was she talking about
when we met to catch the friday train
keeping her company in the dark alley way
spitting rain freezing jabs in the face
and run for the bus past the drunken shapes
early for friday incline
desist momentarily airy melodramatic about turn on the square
and hand remembering firs and mountains
cradle the little notes sane
and another to cadence
and it all becomes a story

Descending scale

So surreptitiously was the gloom as to pervade
a shocked expression appeared on her face
only to be ignored
with sympathetic descending scale
in the tone of her voice
oh not really not really even down tones
as stuck in the throat
and a little voice said an imperceptible yeah
short staccato mind rush
out into the air to smoke a mentholated cigarette
so such joy and cool taste
relax stress fader
and another after that
shoals of notes followed her adieux
les adieux
watching strong performance now
and where was the connection to be felt
on the apparent ease
to the painful difficulty
practise practise practise
does the red seem clearer to you
intense in tense past tensed
at last it was all go
where disconnection was important
and then that little king and queen fell apart
over twenty years till I saw her again
but there again alarmed whenlings
and all that ee cummings
but not then
why this and repeat repeat that
walk past me on the stairs if you like
I forgot to wear my shiny smile
and look away
look away

Trim street

Straight ahead suddenly ahead ahead
trim street
ten little canvases
unhonoured by colourific temper
what if
so far four minutes about that
can’t you hear her
has it never occurred to you
bat slowly then suddenly ahead ahead
we glare up to the sky
with the eyes upwards
as if we have had enough of it
and can silence silence
softlence in the loflty marconi
sounds radio fizz music for radios
in the university church
how come I have the vision
the crowded pews
and electronica sound fizz
pulsing echoing
where was I
though I know it was momentarily sound filling
not like a piano
no wood and felt
just wires and undulations
pin yourself together before you explode like a ticket



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