the unknowable transforming point 21/ 25

433 little poems
fictive autobiographical gazing
through the piano looking glass

Accent accent

Pin yourself together
pin yourself together down the steep stairs on to the landing
light through the little window on the door
to see you playing plain instrumental with back to the door
and music stance standing there
intent on the mind motion
pin yourself together
was that what she meant
when the page turned swiftly
too soon
so the page curled back
suspense while it made it’s little journey back
with a flick between finger ascent
accent accent
too late
lately the shadows fell too early across the tron
and bass string of piano tenths length
sound in the cream crosslight

Shortness of pause

Ah it was friday again
but I missed the bus and ran breathless
reached the pin together
from the wrest plank
up in the lift with him
and now that left imagining
to some repair and time tuck
anxiety of what came from the down draft
if I sat there long enough the piano could play itself
into the mist of time
pin herself together
with shortness of phrase
leave time in between
grow the slow line
carapace the pace
and look for the pause
and breath while you can before the schneller comes
ah yes

What if

What years and life of volcano diaries
were to come from that ostrich pluming into the sun graves
of slower than grave
it used to be all go when she entered
and sat played slender scales
with lively brown hair and right excuses
no what if what if not
could be not only and only could be not only
why scales and piano key geography
geographical layers
and tiny tune repeat itself repeat and on and endlessly
where in the loop can you edit the line
or just tilt it in
and loose time stretch time to make it skip
ectopic beat piano
ectopic plan layers in climb and retro climb
and ps it affects my laptop
red car bleep when bleep
what if it was 4.33
and if not why not
who looks at the screen like that
when simply everyone had
no emendation of a time close to a slow sway

Down Street

When she sat on her high horse eating lindt chocolate
lindy placed put the tea down
and laid her hands on mine
down street down down down
she shone her smile and remind
do the arpeggios now
no time for the majors
through minor and like it
then the brahms per favore
oh such a pin yourself
in pin in pin
ten of the other preludes for next time voice

Pin it

Rush rush rush of blood to the heart
broken beat hammer
and look out for the change of signatures
pin it pin it can’t control it
soft behind the bobbinet
my fingers still play these patterns
left in my brain and bereft
left right in my sunshine shoulder sky looking on
ten concertos are folding jazz fold barenboim
that lovely sounding and now deep deep sounding
can only be there because of you
and now classic your gone
inked the pen
wiped of playing
and her shiny storm
over the keys light fingers
and free unattachable nice nine ninety pins and wrest plank



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