the unknowable transforming point 11/15

433 little poems
fictive autobiographical gazing
through the piano looking glass

Les adieux

The window has to go
so has friday at 3
and every finger action preparation for her les adieux
so long and intimate too intrusive
and overviews of mill
reach those thoughts enchanted and disarranged
arrange arrange in some order
that was felt to make some sense
one hundred years ago
we worked at it and ah
so ah
soft years and never look back day spring
words alight alright from the smell of dictionary
forty forty thirty nine
no it’s
is it
I must be the storm in a teacup that everyone was sniggering about


Neverly say four minutes 33 inside
inside meditate for the good of all those years
and around you
as it does make sense
to deny ever and even
one of these obliging cadences
exit the x it
and leave the stages of life
and remember to soak your hands in the hot and the cold
3 minutes before you go on
art of europe and l’isle joyeuse
might have been two cellos
but probably destroyed in the mind fire from the start
as it was only the grief that set it in motion
real time no one
promise in motion
and bechstein steinway
two old friends travelling through landscapes

Micro hum

Quiet and soft pages
when some four minutes 33 absolute zero
released from it’s castration and cage laugh
how did it go again
cagelence of out of value density
of zen sounds inaudible resonance
inside the micro hum of string and vibration
frequencies and arboretum
so soft page soft page hence no such thing as silence

Beep beep beep

No intention of remembering the tune
even if alarm had been stopped
beep beep beep
and hum of refrigeration
hum lower than that
hey what’s the point
but when you listen to the sound wound strings
well and better
then the 4’33” means some things are no substitute for the real

Cook the silence

He should sit there
timer in place
cook the silence
and wait for the ping piano instrumental
soft inside felt when it’s new
old fuzz moths live there
don’t touch it for heavens sake four minutes 33



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