Different Pianos a11

automatic eleven

better though that way my new piano was so great hardly any time to play it. i only had it 10 months and she said you’ll have to sell it we’re going away. you phone the man and they came and took it away then months with no piano- plunged into nursery and misremember not then it was never all go into a darker philosophy of wait, wait till, wait till your older you’ll see you’ll see. we sat round the room, empty and no picture light from the street steam window and guessing game on a train long longer journeys how many what for good. where’s the piano of my dreams looked after by someone in that room with the sun scottish haar. it waits all go all years when. 4.33 times 3 yesterday at meditation that piano did i ever practise 4.33 without the score indeterminately flourishing a dream? tick sounds of gentle traffic when someone came home. the wild horseman returned to the light keys over keys 4.33 a prize for my effort. how did i know that i was not using effort? came easy grey wallpaper with venetian gondolas, piano the far wall window at the side looking into the balcony. quiet and spooky in there. only allowed to practise or when dad was home.

collard and collard, bechstein, bechstein, bechstein, steinway, joseph buys, plight, dali, un chein andalou, rebecca horn, concert for anarchy, duchable piano plunge, 4.33 john cage …

piano girl


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