Different Pianos a9

he listened and upgraded me small room full of smoke piano full of cigarette ends. sun bleaching eyes when you walk into silhouetted. that was the start of the growing song. i did not know anyone who played oboe then but there was always orchestras. then the competitions then the scholarships cost. no one easy got it macfarlane played something nice little room soft piano, nice day with soft light. cost cost cost summer haydn sonata then listen inside me was the room in a school room light a piano. i went and sat there sunny light huge windows sunny life soft piano hymns and listening looking. piano stuff look up out read find 4.33 john cage interludes and piano puzzling sounds distance sound pluck search invent. and it was all go in the summer rain travelling home with the best of the rain mates and black umbrellas eyeliner and soft shoes. the rush of sound and call of the wild in the long bass strings of the long black piano. it was all go debussy isle joyeuse did not know about surrealism of the donkeys and pianos andalou then. when it was not to be all go. first it was all go pretty house with the front garden willows and mimosa orchid flowers on window sills and what do you think of this dress worn for the concerts years ago up north with a lord in the audience quick chopin study on heavy piano keys piano diagonally in the small room sound good and bay window sun blinding but north the train journey through summer when it was all go. don’t loose the flow keep the chime.


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