different piano a7


a friend of a future friend the eyes that looked through the other piano played unique even softly as it sounds and it was all go 4.33 shoulders down the ancient pianos in the shadows rooms down the staircase carry books. listen to the repeat. search in in in this is the head in my head get the parts up and vision of faces and go where the back stairs in c she at the right of me and window at the back. dark outside and the bells were not ringing. off into the night with rush of rain and don’t look back into there the riot. likeness practising someone upstairs play chords. in 10th’s with wide interval names of songs in languages we know by new music sounds intervals tuning rebecca horn and how first it was all go the window towards north west north and bright sun raying the varnish or the lid it started to crack many years ago but when i first played it was in the middle of the room and there was no problem, but it was to near the gas fire. move it into the corner big piano square room. the chinese screen zig zagged into the centre of the room sound diffusing sound over sound. In lindy karpestra piano view/ different pianos another room piano at an angle-smaller window higher up-watch her play he turns pages bbc choir pages orchestra pages not head dream she was all gone in and still when it was all 4.33. breath in slowly breath out now silence into two in some … are longer than others as you like but who knew then that it could be like that it could be like that although it was. if you knew only if you knew.


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