different pianos a5

different pianos automatic five

friday could even be the cascade of notes higher register. say how is that done? did you..lock then the all go again? it’s that time of year the longer days- the first it was all go and then at the grey bungalow with the grass dry lawn in front the big piano- back to the window- she on the right old red velvet chair with the other piano looking on. soft warm peep on the gas hiss soft fire warming the rug, bright sun through the window and off on the first it was all go carry on just flow till the room with sound and on the on fill the page with sound and shapes words and see her what really went on all those days daze ago. the other memories of the lady dancer looking down mixed with the pink oil painting thick finish heavy gold frame and water colour scene above the fire place. just had coffee too. a should have been better progress ho can you if ooh that was silly, how can you not be prepared for something like that. the sound of the big piano was also and always a bit frightening in the corner. in the centre of the room it was less harsh therefore more impressive maybe I had just become more sensitized. divergence of opinion also the clock not on the wall there was time to gaze out the window- haar and summer flowers past and present- the past. the past. now it’s all go time. 4’ 33” black coffee. migraine someone was waiting for me in the other room sound travel.



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