different pianos a4

memories memorized and unfit for repetition but the lights are all go in the rain trip drips down the high tall windows looking in at the piano. back to the window and she on the right waving goodbye to someone through little square window on the double door, silence . silencing sound proofed sand to an extent all go. at first it was early that way and the later not so bustling in the shriek of starlings song in the traffic on the long road down into town overlook the slither of street sounds and sound out. sound in and sounds light faded fast and missed by candle lighters. those at the pianos backs to the windows she on the right wrong pictures of a dancer to the left all listen all time all the time in the watch for lindy karpestra piano view different pianos a not fought movement of finger sure to hit that key with the fourth five or third finger at intervals. she at the piano side white shiny keys watching. but all go on the listening, texts of once upon a time an all go, the thing to do skills sounding out air conditioned all ungo, whether to listen whether to correcting fists on last held note. held on he first it was a long held go held on into the time when the window reflected us wanting not to be there anymore but some sound still hold us in those shapeful moments of musical atlases on ellipses and ecliptics that was surely to have been pre possibly invented by a genius to reflect the insides of the sound intended to catenate with the all go five o’clock of the orlogue,automatic-one


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