different Pianos a3

undress the silhouette of hands in the mirror light and sun hot sun never mind the traffic and the moon landings, loud noises and voice piano beethoven giuccardi note and favourite as fist it was all go then stop then go. three piano later, that soft old key tuneless thank god i did not have to keep that one. send spontaneously the at first it was all go piano upstairs and in that quiet room all go how to fill thinly minutes then a whole day. fill time filling all go tone wreck. he couldn’t learn his scales with no all go in there as estimated time of arrival fog and freezing old wait under the lamp at the bus stop someone stamps their feet it echoes quiet echoes with the light night tunes lullabies and slumbery sounds ascending and descending whether or not to carry on along the wide boulevard in the white bungalow front room warm fire, lighting the dancing picture bent over to the left lady in fierceness to the right relived it was all go. missing this page. friday night it was all go you know all go will you come with me to the station? fast train dark wet shiny puddle alley was. piano pieces taken to bits inside. what was all that about and sore hand and was all go thru the station hiss bliss still smell of coffee even coffee hiss. missed it. wait till the next time when the weather is better next week we’ll do the sonata right. it will be all go.


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