different Pianos a2

lindy karpestra different pianos automatic two

it was exercise tiny pieces tiny tunes day night flower simple light pieces daylight night flower tunes and songs left hand right tunes left marching love soft kind sun sing times and together playtime softer and so it begins one two three count time splits. parts in time in the light over the piano the dance shone on the left and on the right someone looked at the notes tiny fingers on the keys. lights from the traffic fade in fade out. streets friday glistening rain window shining back over the keys bustling street of birds off key overture for two. strong chocolated pine mirroring the fait light above the sounds. primary colours grey boarded up and light soft as offices homeward bound last more beethoven adieux to ring what finger did you use there hold that sound squeezing hand. just as that first and second again let me show you virtuoso canned and over written alternative memoire. and it was night and it was day. say the piano sizzled in the piano she looked at her and she saw me. at first it was all go the keys shining and the light shining through glass and rain stalling and starting and Friday at five. all that comes could be heard and at first it was all go into the crowd elevator at first it was all go. easier down the back stairs of sound mingling in the roof and piano keys sting untuned.



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