different Pianos a1

lindy karpestra different pianos automatic one

first it was all go the keys. shining. sound. first it was all go and light on the keys shining soft sound and then the little book. then it was all sound all go light and soft little book the shinning light a sound a soft day and then it was so go soft light the mirrored white and keys sounding in the fingers. press send sounding down sound go light and softer still the look and glare gaze off to the right and the wall stood with traffic light fade fast forefront. the book little looked at the eyes of the head starling stare at the sounds resonating through the wood from the hammer felt, leather spinning string. it will sound so soundly sing singing. it was all go next time little fingers little cold lady and two pianos by a roaring fire. racing out the long wide boulevard in freezing fog the ear sounds in the past tunes in the little book faster. go fast about that soft singing. head sound inside the piano. silvery string remembers the touching ways those trees forgiving made planks and boxes curved and moulded. singeryness looks through the window traffic lights. move around gently as if the passer by could hear you together sound light. step hurrying fog frost keep soft step on a frozen pavement in line with the soul. first and second it was all go on the little piano with the soft sound and strings and that was music from the north.



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